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Pure Art's jewelry is ever-changing, as artists create new and creative earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and anklets, fun rings. "Island Style" is the rule for Pure Art jewelry: shells, beads, beach glass, porcelain, seeds, stones, and crystals are combined in unique designs of various prices and styles.

Caymanite jewelry features a beautifully polished stone which is semi precious, since it is ONLY FOUND IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS! Colors range from ochre to tan, grays or peach to deep browns which look lovely in fittings of both silver or gold. Carved crosses, hearts, teardrops, beads, turtles, rays, and more are in gorgeous Caymanite stone.

Pure Art jewelry is a perfect gift for teachers, friends, loved ones, or of course yourself! "A must-see". Gift boxes complimentary, as is gift wrap if not extremely busy.

Accessories at Pure Art include handbags and/or belts of fun items like polished coconut, beads, shells, and embroidered fabrics. Cayman silk ties, silk scarves, and sun hats are also featured.

Sarongs and cotton wraps are fun for beach cover-ups (they dry quickly), or are often worn in the evening for fun. Beaded and silk sarongs are often featured. (Accessories subject to daily changes, as is most of Pure Art's hand done collectables).