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Cooking Goodies
Gifts for cooks, cooking condiments, spices, and jams, Cayman rum cake, and various items are wonderful "Cooking Goodies" sold at Pure Art. Cookbooks of Cayman are always featured, and are a popular gift item.

Cutting boards by Evan Goldson are created using island woods like breadfruit and specialty woods. Various chefs purchase these wonderful boards often, for gifts or to use daily (they tell us)! Pure Art has sold Evan's works for over fifteen years. "One Love"!

Island spices are sold from the Island of spice: Grenada. Cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and even vanilla are purchased for seasoning many meals.

Sunny Caribbee's spices are "secret" recipes of spices used accordingly by name: island fish spice, jerk spice, steak spice, herb pepper blend, seasoned sea salt, pesto, and bar-b-que. Sunny Caribbee has been featured at Pure Art for over eighteen years, and originates from Tortola.

Cayman's own "Cayman Sea Salt" is sold at Pure Art! Cayman's Hawley Haven Farms' chutneys, jams, vinegars, and hot sauces are also featured. Cayman Hell Sauce is "heavenly" for Cayman style cooking!

Cayman's Tortuga Rum Co. products are a continued top seller at Pure Art, with various sauces (jerk, mango, steak, hot), and delicious coffees often grouped with the "famously delicious" original golden Tortuga Rum cake! (Pure Art often groups these for gifts preplanned to meet visiting group's needs, weddings, or parties).